Chic Muffin

The best pink fashion for 2018

Pink can be a tricky colour to pull off; done well it can look good and compliment any outfit. Done badly, and you end up looking like an extra from a Disney Princess movie. We have pulled together some of the best pink items which will suit any budget. For even more great suggestions, see the Chic Muffin Fashion Finder links in each item.


The pattern blouse: perfect for any occasion

Blouses are great for giving you a smart fresh look for the office with a skirt or trouser suit, but can also be casual teamed with a pair of jeans or a longer blouse worn with a pair of leggings. There are many options with long sleeves, short sleeves or even sleeveless. Tie up blouses are popular with a pair of short denim shorts if you have the figure!


The best cold shoulder tops

Cold shoulder tops are a great look and a bit different than just a plain short sleeved top. A bit of a compromise between sleeveless and short sleeved they show a bit of the top of your arm giving them the name cold shoulder. They are fashionable and look great teamed with a pair of skinny jeans or jeggings. A good choice for an evening out or for a day out shopping with the girls.


Tankinis: the perfect cover-up for the beach

Brilliant for covering up an untoned tummy, tankinis are stylish and are fab to cover up those bits you don’t want on show. You can mix and match with bikini bottoms and choose from prints or plain colours. Just avoid horizontal strips as these will make you appear bigger.


Stylish camisoles which won’t break the bank

Camisoles are very popular and can be worn as underwear or as outerwear. They can be worn for lounging or under a suit jacket or blouse for work. They can be worn as pretty lingerie with lacey edging or a plain camisole can be worn as outerwear they often have spaghetti straps. Some camisoles even have built in support so you don’t need a bra and are great with shorts or a skirt on a hot day. A camisole top with a lace trim will look fab with a pair of jeans.


Great Vest Tops

Vests are perfect for holidays and hot summer days and can be worn with almost anything. They are also good for layering and worn under a blouse, a long sleeved top or jacket or under jumpers or cardigans for extra warmth.