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The perfect Tulle Skirt for spring and summer

A Tulle skirt is made of layered sheer netting type material and look a bit like a ballerina’s tutu. You may think you have to be brave to wear one and what on earth do you wear with it. However they can look beautiful especially in pastel colours and look pretty teamed with a plain fitted white or black T-shirt. They come in different lengths and will look lovely for a night out or a special occasion.


Smart Denim Skirt Ideas

A classic skirt also known as a jean skirt. Denim skirts are available in all shapes, lengths, and styles. These skirts were first introduced in the 1970’s and have been popular ever since. A casual look to suit all ages and figures.


Hit the beach in style with a fab beach skirt

Beach skirts are perfect for holidays and beach days or by the pool. A perfect little cover up if you don’t want to walk around in a bikini or swimming costume. They are easy to slip on and off for sunbathing or a dip in the sea or the pool. They are floaty material and come in many colours and patterns to match your swimwear.


Add style and class with a pleated skirt

Pleated skirts come in mini, midi or maxi length and are very stylish. Pleated skirts look good with a fine knit jumper and are very feminine. Get the right pleat to suit your figure; stitched down pleats are great if you have a tummy, accordion pleats are great for giving the effect of an hour glass figure, knife pleats are great if you have a larger bum as they have the least volume.


Midi Skirt Styling Tips

The midi skirt comes in many silhouettes and shapes, including midi pencil skirts, tulip, full, pleated and flowy.  Midi skirts offer so many different options, making them extremely versatile to wear, for everything from a weekend getaway to work to a wedding.  In terms of midi skirt styling, there are many different options for you to choose from.  Here are some tricks and tips you can use to complete your midi skirt fashion style that you are looking for.

If one day you’d like to dress down, wear a plain Jane tee with your midi skirt.  You can complete your look by wearing a stylish pair of flats.  Also, even if they are short flats, don’t hesitate to wear them.  Flats look great with midi skirts.  You can also try wearing a solid color t-shirt with a pleated midi skirt.

When the temperature gets cooler, try bringing out heavy fabrics and dark hues.  Eliminate seasonal barriers by wearing denim and leather.  Pair a winter midi skirt with stylish pair of boots.  For good measure, add a scarf.

You really can’t beat the beauty and glamor of a full midi skirt or dress.  A full midi skirt is especially nice as evening wear.  Whenever you’d like to rock a full midi skirt or dress in the evening, choose deluxe fabrics.  A crop top can be worn with a full midi skirt or midi dress to provide the ultimate chic look.  It is best to have a cinched wist with this style.  You can also add a skinny belt or waistband to add to the magic of the full midi skirt’s cinched waist.

Pleated midi skirts have come back with a vengeance.  Or maybe they never went out of style to begin with.  Whenever you choose a pleated midi, the deal can be made or broken by the fabric that you choose.  Always choose silk or chiffon over polyester materials.  Silk and chiffon are well worth the investment since they are very fluid.  However, go for leather, if chiffon seems too princess-like to suit your taste.  Wear a tight-fitting top whenever you are wearing a full skirt.

A sleek silhouette is also trendy.  These days, streamlined midi skirts and dresses are all the rage, whether they are A-line or fluted.  Midi pencil and tulip skirts also look great, especially as a polished formal outfit.  Sleek midis, unlike full skirts, leave a lot more styling room; wear a loose blouse, tight tee or even a blazer.  The sky really is the limit!

Another thing that is really popular right now is sheer tops.  Midi skirts are really hot too, so why not pair the two!    Wear a pale silk tee or top or sheet button-up skirt with a midi skirt.  If you keep the top minimal, it will help to draw attention to your skirt.

If locating the right top to wear with your midi feels like an overwhelming chore, just relax.  Grab a twin set.  There are many midi skirts that come with a matching top.  They will make you look beautiful and bold.

When wearing a midi skirt, avoid crossover bags.  They cut across your body in a very unflattering way.  Choose a nice handbag or clutch to go with the midi skirt or dress you are wearing.