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The best pink fashion for 2018

Pink can be a tricky colour to pull off; done well it can look good and compliment any outfit. Done badly, and you end up looking like an extra from a Disney Princess movie. We have pulled together some of the best pink items which will suit any budget. For even more great suggestions, see the Chic Muffin Fashion Finder links in each item.


The perfect boots for any occasion

Boots come in plenty of styles from flat to heeled, ankle, knee or thigh high boots, leather or suede. A pair of boots can look great with trousers, leggings or dresses and skirts they are very versatile and a warm choice for the autumn and winter months. Boots can be casual or smart so there will be a pair suitable for any occasion.


Summer wedge shoes

Wedges come in a variety of styles and heights. A pair of wedged shoes will add definition to your ankle making it appear thinner. They add height however many women find that they are easier to walk in than other types of heels. Wedges are a great choice for summer and will look amazing with all lengths of dress or skirt.


Summer Sandal Ideas

Everyone needs a few pairs of sandals for the spring and summer great to wear for comfort and keep your feet cool. Whether it is a sandal for work you are searching for or a casual sandal for walking or something with a heel to look great with a summer dress. There is a sandal for all occasions and many different colours and styles.


Keep your feet warm with cosy slippers

Find the perfect pair of slippers to slip your feet into after a hard day’s work. Keep your feet cosy and warm on a winter’s day or look for something lighter for the spring and summer. There are many different styles colours and prints to choose from.


Heeled boots: perfect for the office and the evening out

High legged boots are an essential in the winter to keep your legs warm and look great too. They look fab with leggings, tight jeans or jeggings or with a pair of tights. High heeled boots are elegant and look good with a dress or a flat boot is ideal for comfort.


Fun Ankle Boots

I love a pair of ankle boots and they are versatile and can be worn with any trousers they also look great with leggings or a long skirt or a shorter skirt with tights. Don’t be tempted to wear with a short skirt without tights or with cropped leggings or shorts as this is a look that just won’t work.