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The best pink fashion for 2018

Pink can be a tricky colour to pull off; done well it can look good and compliment any outfit. Done badly, and you end up looking like an extra from a Disney Princess movie. We have pulled together some of the best pink items which will suit any budget. For even more great suggestions, see the Chic Muffin Fashion Finder links in each item.


The perfect long sleeve smock dresses for all occasions

The Smock dress is ideal for all figures and for all occasions. A loose fitting dress that you will feel comfortable wearing. It can be dressed up with accessories for a night out and is perfect for hot summers days.


The perfect little black dress for all occasions

The little black dress is a fashion classic, one which should feature in most women’s wardrobes. The little black dress is typically a shorter length piece, something going down to what would be considered a medium length and is the perfect outfit to wear for nearly any social occasion all year round. Here are some of the best from around the web.


The best low cost tea dresses

A classic pretty style, which is pinched in at the waist and looks fabulous in a floral print. Known in the past as being a casual entertaining dress. A lovely dress for a sunny spring day that will make you feel elegant but not over dressed.


The best black bodycon dresses

Bodycon dresses are tight fitting and figure-hugging dresses ideal for showing off your feminine curves. These dresses are fab for a party or special occasion. A good figure or good shapewear is needed to confidently wear a bodycon dress.


The best black and white dresses for any occasion

While the black dress is a fashion classic; everyone knows of the little black dress, the white dress is less popular. For many, it is something which comes out in the summer, only to be put away again when the weather changes.

Black and white striped dresses offer a great alternative to these two designs; the striped patterns will flatter your body shape and can appear slimming.

We present some of the best black and white striped dresses from around the UK for your consideration