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Midi Skirt Styling Tips

The midi skirt comes in many silhouettes and shapes, including midi pencil skirts, tulip, full, pleated and flowy.  Midi skirts offer so many different options, making them extremely versatile to wear, for everything from a weekend getaway to work to a wedding.  In terms of midi skirt styling, there are many different options for you to choose from.  Here are some tricks and tips you can use to complete your midi skirt fashion style that you are looking for.

If one day you’d like to dress down, wear a plain Jane tee with your midi skirt.  You can complete your look by wearing a stylish pair of flats.  Also, even if they are short flats, don’t hesitate to wear them.  Flats look great with midi skirts.  You can also try wearing a solid color t-shirt with a pleated midi skirt.

When the temperature gets cooler, try bringing out heavy fabrics and dark hues.  Eliminate seasonal barriers by wearing denim and leather.  Pair a winter midi skirt with stylish pair of boots.  For good measure, add a scarf.

You really can’t beat the beauty and glamor of a full midi skirt or dress.  A full midi skirt is especially nice as evening wear.  Whenever you’d like to rock a full midi skirt or dress in the evening, choose deluxe fabrics.  A crop top can be worn with a full midi skirt or midi dress to provide the ultimate chic look.  It is best to have a cinched wist with this style.  You can also add a skinny belt or waistband to add to the magic of the full midi skirt’s cinched waist.

Pleated midi skirts have come back with a vengeance.  Or maybe they never went out of style to begin with.  Whenever you choose a pleated midi, the deal can be made or broken by the fabric that you choose.  Always choose silk or chiffon over polyester materials.  Silk and chiffon are well worth the investment since they are very fluid.  However, go for leather, if chiffon seems too princess-like to suit your taste.  Wear a tight-fitting top whenever you are wearing a full skirt.

A sleek silhouette is also trendy.  These days, streamlined midi skirts and dresses are all the rage, whether they are A-line or fluted.  Midi pencil and tulip skirts also look great, especially as a polished formal outfit.  Sleek midis, unlike full skirts, leave a lot more styling room; wear a loose blouse, tight tee or even a blazer.  The sky really is the limit!

Another thing that is really popular right now is sheer tops.  Midi skirts are really hot too, so why not pair the two!    Wear a pale silk tee or top or sheet button-up skirt with a midi skirt.  If you keep the top minimal, it will help to draw attention to your skirt.

If locating the right top to wear with your midi feels like an overwhelming chore, just relax.  Grab a twin set.  There are many midi skirts that come with a matching top.  They will make you look beautiful and bold.

When wearing a midi skirt, avoid crossover bags.  They cut across your body in a very unflattering way.  Choose a nice handbag or clutch to go with the midi skirt or dress you are wearing.

Crop Tops Are Ideal For All Occasions

Crop tops are making a huge fashion comeback.  Corsets, v-neck check tops and bra tops all have a special feel to them, especially when you pair them with high-waisted pants.  Many women are scared to attempt to wear a crop top.  However, if you practice it a bit, you’ll start to feel confident and begin wearing stylish crop tops on a regular basis.  Instead of trying to imitate models or celebrities like Diane Kruger, it’s usually better to create your very own style so that you can flaunt your look with confidence.  It does take some work to learn how to flaunt your bare midriff in a way that is tasteful, stylish and wearable, whether you’re headed to dinner with your man or off for a weekend getaway.  So we enlisted Karla Deras for help.  She is the champion of crop top wearing for Karla’s closet.  Keep reading to see different fail-proof ways that you take advantage of this hot tend by wearing crop tops.

  1. Date Night

Are you looking forward to date night and impressing your guy?  You can wear a bandeau top to increase your flirtation factor.  A body-hugging pencil skirt and simple bandeau make the perfect date outfit when you are going out for drinks and dinner with your man.


  1. Girl’s Night Out

You can always convert a cotton tee that you have a crop top if you don’t own any already.  All you need to do is make a knot in the front of your tee and wear it with a high-waisted skirt.  It’s an excellent ensemble if you are going out at night with friends.  Knot a favourite t-shirt and slip on a pencil skirt when you aren’t sure what else you want to wear for a casual night out.


  1. Office Meeting

A majority of people prefer to wear a decent outfit to work.  However, if your workplace has a relaxed dress code, you can definitely experiment with various fashion styles.  When going out for meetings, choose a long-sleeved top.  Put on this elegant but simple top and wear with super high-waist slacks to give you a good professional look for the office.


  1. Sunday Brunch

Are you planning to go to Sunday brunch?  Try a slightly abbreviated, soft pullover along with low-slung pants.  The ensemble will make you look stylish and elegant.  This sweater is slightly less cropped and looks gorgeous with a pair of low-cut, slinky pants.


  1. Errand Run

When you are out running errands, it really feels great to look good.  A great way to look really cool as you are out running around doing chores is by wearing boyish cargo pants with a short boxy tee.  Wear classy heels to accentuate your stylish outfit.  You’ll discover that this is an ideal outfit for your on-the-go weekend, especially on a hot summer day.  That’s the perfect time to bare your belly.


Show off your bare midriff in a way that is elegant to create a style all your own for anywhere you go.  When you wear a beautiful crop top, you can really show a stylish look and have heads turn towards you at any special event or party you happen to attend.

I bet we can make you love skater dresses…

Loving skater dresses are easy.  You just need to be quickly introduced to the style.  A flared-out skirt from the waist and fitted bodice are featured on the dress.  Skater dresses are formal enough to wear to meetings, yet easy to wear on a casual day, making them a must-have part of your wardrobe.  Before moving on and learning how a skater dress can be styled, here is an important thing to note.  Keep in mind that the skater dress basically is a layering outfit.

So at times, the skater dress might look a bit drab by itself.  It needs to be layered with additional components in order for it to appear more eye-catching and complete.  You may want to add a skinny belt, maybe a blazer and stylish shoes.  Therefore, you need to not only focus on the dress but the other elements you are planning to add as well to your skater dress style and look.  A skater dress is great for flaunting your figure because on the top it is tight, has a cinched waistline and then flares out at the bottom.  That gives a very flirty and fun look, along with a very young appearance for whoever is wearing it.  Do not wear high boots were you are wearing a skater dress until it’s quite chilly outside.  For the daytime, dry wearing flat ballet shoes when you are needing comfortable footwear.  Go with sandals or feminine pumps for dressier occasions to complement the flared and short dress.  If your footwear is too boring for you, add an edge.  Wear frilly socks with feminine chunky sandals.

It’s always a good idea during the fall and winter to wear solid coloured socks with your skater dress.  Sheer stockings can even be layered under ruffled socks.  This is a very good way for you to be stylish as well as stay warm.  Wear knee-high socks for some grunge.  Here are a few tips for accessories and accompaniments.  If the skater dress you are wearing has an unadorned, minimalistic bodice, you can jazz things up by wearing a statement necklace.  For some classiness and added structure, wear a skinny belt.  This will add some interest and help to accentuate your waist.

Finally, don’t forget about your arms.  When you are wearing a skater dress that is sleeveless, it can look quite incomplete.  Put on a feminine cardigan or structured blazer.  A blazer or jacket can also add a nice pop of colour as well.  Carry on with your skater dress style from summer to winter and day to night.  If you use some of the above styling tips, heads will sure to turn on your skater dress.  Select one that suits your preference and body, and don’t forget to accessorize also.

The Benefits Of Bodycon Dress Definition

When it comes to fashion, the bandage or bodycon dress is something that so many women love the look of and want to wear. This is largely because of the definition that it gives to almost any body type. Instead of worrying about imperfections, you can relax and know that you look amazing with very little work. However, pulling off the correct definition for your body type can be a little more complicated than just grabbing a dress off the rack.

Wearing good undergarments like Spanx or similar brands can help smooth before the dress is being put onto your body. Making sure that you keep a smooth line before the dress goes on will ensure that curves pop better and give you the red carpet that you are striving towards. This is one of the easiest ways to make sure your body is amazingly defined, but it may not work for everyone as each person has their own body shape.

If you are self-conscious about your arms, neck, or belly, choosing a dress that fully covers in those areas while clinging to the hips can give you a much better silhouette. For those with smaller breasts, a bodycon dress can make them look bigger and give you a way to be braless with confidence. Going for daring cutouts on the back of the dress can boost this appeal as well allowing you to control your body more completely than other styles allow.

Taking a tip from Kim Kardashian, you can choose a dress with darker sides or dark patches in areas that you really want to hide. This will help minimize them while giving the rest of you a bright appearance. This can help give you more definition without worrying about undergarments or even the way that you are standing. Dresses with dark backs and sides are very popular in the bodycon genre, so finding one that works shouldn’t be that hard.

You can also use darker colours to slim your whole body. Picking a deep colour is something that women have been doing for centuries, the little black dress is the biggest example. Picking a dark colour for your bodycon statement can make you look 10 pounds lighter without any real work at all. This technique is often applied on the red carpet and within clubs to give women a boost of confidence that is all their own.

Pick something that you feel works well with your body. Going with a simpler colour and a thicker fabric may help remove attention from problem areas. The thicker fabric will definitely help keep small imperfections in line and allow you to move with more confidence. A simple colour will make sure that attention is drawn to your body as a whole and will help you look sophisticated.

Bodycon dress definition is one the most versatile ways to make yourself look like a movie star on any budget. These simple yet amazing dresses will help smooth out your body and show off your greatest assets.

How To Dress For A Casual Wedding

If you have ever attended or watched a wedding on television, you realize they are typically very formal events. However, they can become more casual if the setting is located on the beach or in a park. If you have ever tried to wear a tuxedo or gown on the beach it becomes a bit of a complex affair. These types of casual weddings are actually more appealing to the bride and groom as well as the guests in attendance.

There are many things that help to contribute to a casual wedding setting although, for the most part, they tend to be held outdoors or in a non-traditional location. You will usually attend these types of weddings during the day when there is plenty of light for outdoor photography. While many people know what they have to wear to a formal wedding, they tend to be unsure what is appropriate for a casual affair. Many times, it is simply a matter of thinking about where and when it is coming to take place and building from that. You would typically wear different types of outfits for a beach wedding or one held in a state park.

Most women are fine to wear a casual skirt to these types of weddings. Remember that a casual wedding is still a special event and needs to be treated as such. For example, if you were to attend a wedding in the afternoon hours an exceptional outfit would consist of a floral skirt with a beautiful sleeveless blouse. A pair of nice sandals and some simple jewellery would complete this look. Men can wear a pair of khakis with a decent button down shirt to these types of events. In this case, it is fine to forgo the tie. Unless you are specifically told by the wedding party to wear jeans, never do it.

If you happen to be attending a wedding on the beach a nice sundress will do perfectly. It is best to look for a strapless cotton dress or a cotton shift dress with a stunning summery print. Almost all dresses for a casual wedding should be knee length. If you happen to be attending the special occasion on the beach you may want to reconsider the type of shoe you will be wearing. Leave the high heels at the house and carry along a pair of leather thong sandals instead. While you can wear sandals to the beach don’t go as far as a pair of dollar store flip flops! You can accent the entire outfit with handmade coin pearl jewellery. If you are afraid of being burnt to a crisp while on the beach accessorize with a wide-brimmed hat and you will be ready for the festivities.

Men will want to wear a casual look to the affair as well and it will not take long to pull it off. Once again khakis will work with a short sleeve button down shirt. If the wedding is going to be really casual you may even be able to sport a golf shirt. However, you will only be able to pull off a Hawaiian print shirt if the wedding is actually being held in Hawaii! Another selection could be a pair of madras shorts with a long sleeve oxford shirt, you can keep the sleeves rolled up for a nice preppy look. Sadly, men do not really have dress up sandals, so you should opt for a pair of boat shoes to complete your ensemble.

There may be some women who might consider wearing a pair of shorts to the wedding. While it may work for the men, I would advise against it for women. Shorts simply look like you did not make an effort, a cute skirt, and even a polo shirt will look much better than shorts. Which brings up a good point, even if the wedding is as casual as they come, you always want to make it look like you are putting your best effort forward for the bride and groom. Keeping that in the back of your mind, find a comfortable outfit and enjoy the event!

Dressing For Success: The Sleeveless Dress

Unlike many other clothing items, the sleeveless dress has seemingly stood the test of time. It looks great, it feels great and it is available in a variety of different looks. It can have a modern feel but it can look vintage as well. It can be dressy or casual, depending on how you accessorize. While this dress looks good on just about anyone, you do need to be aware of a few tips and tricks in order to help yourself look your best. Depending on where and when you are wearing the dress, you may need to add a few pieces to your look, like a scarf, a sweater or even a jacket.

It is possible to wear your sleeveless dress during different seasons, but again, you may need to accessorize in order to look good and be comfortable. For example, if there is a chill in the air, add a light sweater. If the sun is very bright, try adding a floppy hat. You’ll look cool and sophisticated, but you will also be protected from the elements.

Most people put on a sleeveless dress when the weather is warm. The spring and summer are obviously ideal for this fashion choice. It is a nice feeling to walk down the street, with the sun shining on your bare arms, feeling free and unencumbered.

Many people wonder whether it is okay to put on a sleeveless dress for work. Some people think it should not be worn because they believe it to be too casual. Other people believe that the dress looks nice and is perfectly fine to wear in the office. Just keep in mind that you are a professional and you want to look appropriate at all times. If your office is formal, this might not be the right clothing choice for you. However, there are ways to make your sleeveless dress look very classy and professional, so it all depends on the circumstances.

If you are concerned about how you look in the office, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Particularly if your business is very formal, you want to avoid bright colours and you don’t want to draw attention to yourself with your clothing. A sleeveless dress may very well be appropriate, but you want to ensure that you are covered and appear professional. If you think your dress works well for an evening out on the town, it probably isn’t the best item to wear to work.

How Capped Sleeves Fit In

If you are searching for a dress to wear to work, and you are not comfortable with your sleeveless options, try a dressed with capped sleeves instead. Capped sleeves are not long, so they work well when it gets hot outside. However, you do have a bit of material on your arms when wearing this dress, so you likely feel more professional in it.

Sleeveless dresses are beautiful. You can dress them up or down and make them work for a variety of different occasions. In particular, the sleeveless dress is a great item to wear in the spring and summer. Hopefully, the information included here has helped you to understand a little more about this dress and how to wear it in different situations. Depending on the style, material, colour and pattern, the sleeveless dress may be appropriate for the beach, a night on the town or even a wedding.

10 Ways To Find Your Perfect Pair Of Jeans

Great fitting jeans can be as rare as great fitting friends, but when you finally stumble across them, they make your life a lot more pleasurable. The trouble with jeans, though, is that most people don’t really know just how to find a great match for their body. Here are 10 things to keep in mind when you are in search of the perfect pair:

  1. Make it a leisurely shopping trip. They say you can’t rush perfection, and when it comes to finding a great pair of jeans that fit just right, you certainly can’t expect to accomplish the goals on your lunch break. Mark an appointment on your calendar, making sure to reserve a few hours or even an entire afternoon devoted exclusively to getting your hands on the jeans you really want.


  1. Break out the measuring tape. One pair of size eight jeans that fit you to perfection doesn’t mean every size eight will be so flattering: Different designers, especially when from different countries, size their jeans in unique ways. Your best bet is to know the exact circumference of your waist, hips and thighs, and to have a good idea of the length of your legs. Use an online chart to guide you to the closest size in your desired style and brand.


  1. Work your booty in the dressing room. Don’t rely only on how well a pair of jeans looks on you, you’ve got to really move around to ascertain the fit. Bend at the waist, kneel down and have a seat. Keep in mind, too, that off-the-rack fit may be different than fresh out of the dryer fit. Examine the care instructions to see if a particular pair you like may shrink when washed and make your purchase decision accordingly.


  1. Know your hems. Judge the hem of jeans by the shoes or boots that will accompany them. A flared hem, for example, may drag down too far when worn with sandals and other flat-heeled shoes. Boots, on the other hand, complement the wide-bottomed jeans well. A cropped leg style will look great with your favourite low-heeled or canvas-wedge shoes. The key is to buy jeans that will coordinate with shoes you’re comfortable with, and match them up accordingly when you wear them.


  1. Be realistic about the fit. While you may want a pair of pants to slim and flatter your body, you don’t want to force the issue anywhere, particularly around the waist. The proverbial “muffin top” result is anything but attractive and wearing jeans that are too tight may leave you with lower back pain.


  1. Don’t be afraid of colour. Jeans in the classic denim blue are fabulous, and a necessary component of any great wardrobe, however, you might be surprised at what a splash of colour can do for an outfit. From casual to elegant, red, yellow, green or pink jeans give you a lot to work with in terms of style and image.


  1. Be picky with pockets. Even a tailor-made fit is lost when the pockets aren’t placed appropriately, or when there are simply too many of them. While you do want a place to drop your coins or tuck your hands, you don’t need a barrage of pockets plastered all over your derriere.


  1. Shop for tops while you’re there. Unless you’re certain you have the perfect array of shirts to go with your amazing new jeans, try on a few tops, too. A smooth fit in pants should be off-set with a loose-fitting shirt and vice versa: Pair baggy jeans with a snug top.


  1. Experiment with style. Scouring the mall for just the right fit can be so tiresome, not to mention time-consuming. If you’ve never adorned your legs with a pair of trouser jeans, try some on! Different styles can provide your wardrobe with new versatility and you just might discover a new and highly flattering fit.


  1. Be greedy when you finally find what you’re looking for! If a particular designer really strikes your fancy and the store is offering multiple styles in that label, pick up an extra pair. Considering how long and laborious shopping for the ideal pair of jeans can be, there’s really no reason not to stock up on the genuine article, most especially if they’re on sale!


The often elusive “perfect” pair of jeans does, in fact, exist, you just have to know how to look for them and how to make sure they’re the genuine article. While it may take some doing to find them, it will be well worth the rewards.

Finding Your Fashion Sense: Make It Happen With The Right Accessories

Fashion may be big business, but for most people, it turns out to be an endless waste of time and money. That amazing dress you saw on your favourite show just doesn’t work for you, the most expensive pair of jeans money can buy never don’t seem to flatter you and you have more items in your closet that never see the light of day than one’s you actually wear. Don’t give up, you simply haven’t found your own sense of fashion yet and the following ideas will help.

Accessorizing A Simple Dress

A solid-coloured, simple dress that perfectly suits your body type can transform you for any occasion with the right accessories. For example, the classic “little black dress”, paired with a thin belt, black shoes and string of pearls will take you to an elegant party or anniversary dinner. Zip on a pair of white or neon knee-high boots and you’re ready for a club. Complementing the dress brings out your sophistication, contrasting it shows your modern, artistic style.

Acing An Interview Or Presentation In Style

Fashion statements made on professional terms set you apart completely; they can establish your confidence and influence how people perceive you, even helping you land a coveted job or promotion. Start with a clean cut suit, either pants or skirt, in a muted colour that enhances your eyes and hair. Add a belt that accentuates your body, but doesn’t take the outfit over. Your shoes should portray you as strong, but not impractical. Hence, a pair of attention-grabbing platform or medium heels will do the trick, as opposed to stilettos, which are usually over the top in sensuality.

Colour Itself As An Accessory

From belts and bracelets to shoes and shawls, your selection of accessories should be colour-wise. Color is a powerful medium, but most people fail to use it to full potential. Not only should colour complement your features and the entire ensemble, it should provoke. Warm colours, such as red or orange, invoke energy and creativity. A perfectly coordinated red outfit will brighten a room, making you more welcomed by those in it. Wear soft blues and you may appear more trustworthy to others, or slip into a shade of purple and you seem more creative and calm. Fashion experts understand the impact of colour and how to use it to their advantage, no matter what the occasion.

Combining Two Styles For Individual Expressionism

Creative fashion can be challenging to pull off because you risk looking uncoordinated or even uneducated in your style. However, accessorizing wisely creates awe and envy, perhaps even copycats! Take a simple skirt of black or dark blue, add a casual light-coloured tee-shirt and top it off with a denim jacket or vest. With this look, you have the start of something very stylish, but if you were to pop on a bright top hat, you would tell people you are an artist or musician or some other creative type. An over-sized scarf added might signify success or romanticism, depending on the colour you choose. No matter how you accessorize, though, the look you end up with is truly your own and one that speaks volume about who you are or how you feel and that is the ultimate goal of fashion.

Avoiding Fashion Flops

While fashion seems simple in certain aspects, like easy colour or fabric coordination, it’s not an easy art form to master. One of the best ways to find your own (and best) fashion sense is to experiment, not just with your look, but how the look makes you feel. Anything that lifts your spirits, excites your senses and elevates your self-image should work in your favour. Most people, however, lose their grip on fashion when it becomes muddled. Listening to too many friends creates a situation where you lose your way, as can copying people who are nothing like you. In other words: what works for someone else may be simply lost on you. While there is a fine art to fashion, there’s also a science, but it’s based on a chemistry of self, not some celebrity strutting down a catwalk.

Your Fashion Compass: Jewellery

If you haven’t found (or seem to have lost) your true sense of fashion, your taste in jewellery can guide you. Delicate gold complements classic clothing, while large, bright pieces lead toward bolder statements in fashion. Antique jewellery touches on romance and will turn a simple white button-down into something whimsical. Follow your favourites in jewellery and accessories to create your absolute style and to define your personality and purpose.

Once you discover your own fashion sense, the wardrobe should fall into place. Get rid of what you don’t wear and what just doesn’t work for you, and start enjoying the feeling of looking fabulous on your own terms. That’s what really brings out your most beautiful.

Dresses to Flatter Your Body Shape

Every girl dreams of looking like a Princess on their wedding day or when they go to their prom but not all girls have the body shape to be flattered by some of the latest styles. When it comes to dressing for a really special occasion don’t be tempted to wear something just because it’s the latest style – understand your body shape and buy something which is flattering for you to feel and look fabulous without being self-conscious.

We’ve all seen larger than average girls pouring themselves into tight fitting bodices but there really is no need. All girls can look beautiful on their special day if they just follow a few simple rules and dress to their body shape.

Busty Girls – girls with a larger bust may also have narrow hips and a waist which is not very well defined. The key to looking fantastic is to draw the eyes away from the bust and up towards the face which will help to balance the broader upper body with the narrower lower body helping to create the illusion of the perfect hourglass figure. Choose dresses which help to define the waist and add curves to your hips. If you’ve got great legs don’t be afraid to show them off but don’t be tempted to go too short or you will look a little top heavy.

Slender Girls – some girls have a naturally thin frame which is rather “straight up and down”. The trick is to accentuate that long, lean physique using a fitted dress. A belted waist will help to provide a little shape and a dress with a side slit will help to add dimension.

Apple Girls – girls with an apple shaped figure carry the majority of their body weight in the middle. These girls will typically have rather slim legs and a short, undefined waist. A dress which has an empire line will help to draw the attention in all the right directions. Belted styles and wrap dresses can also look great. Don’t be afraid to show off your legs if it will make you feel good – if you’ve got great legs then why not show them off?

Pear Girls – if your hips and thighs are much larger than your shoulders and chest you are pear shaped. The waist is usually the best asset of a pear shaped girl so if this is you don’t be afraid to flaunt it. It’s all about adding volume to your top, emphasizing a tiny waist and detracting attention from the hips to create a beautifully balanced silhouette. A dress which has a fitted top and a full, flouncy or A-line skirt works well.

Petite Girls – if you are below 5′ 3″ high then you are officially petite. Some prom or wedding type dresses can literally drown someone so small so it is important that you choose your dress carefully. Don’t be afraid to show a little bit of leg which helps to add height with an asymmetrical hemline to make you appear a little taller. If you choose a floor length gown with a full skirt it can be overwhelming for such a tiny frame. Choose something delicate and feminine to really compliment your body shape.

Hourglass Girls – girls with an hourglass figure are ultra curvy with bust and hips in perfect proportions and a body which is in complete balance thanks to the length of the legs. In order to dress this type of figure to its full advantage you really need to accentuate your best asset – a well-defined waist will help to do this. Girls who are lucky enough to have an hourglass figure can look good in many different shapes of dress with natural waistlines, v-necklines, form fitted tops, wrap dresses and open necklines. These girls are the luckiest of all when it comes to choosing the perfect dress for that special occasion.

Follow these tips to suit your body shape and you won’t go far wrong. If you choose a style of dress which really flatters your figure and accentuates the parts which need accentuating it will help you to look and feel fabulous which can help to make a great event into the perfect occasion.

First Date Fashion: Dressing To Impress

Going on a first date is never easy on the nerves. If anything, it tends to drive people to their closets, desperately trying to find an outfit that makes them look good, is comfortable, and will impress their new intended. But first date fashion can be hard to come by, especially if nothing in your closet is speaking to you!

That’s why we’ve put together some tips for helping you choose the right outfit for your first dates. The odds are pretty good you’ve got it sitting in your closet already – it’s just a matter of recognizing it.

Be Comfortable

Many people are under the assumption that in order to look good they must feel uncomfortable. Whether this means belts that barely fit, seams that are bursting, or shoes so tall they make you wobble, one of the last things you’ll want to put yourself through on a first date is fashionable discomfort.

You want to be able to dedicate your attention to your date, not your clothes. Besides, you never quite know how a date is going to turn. What starts as dinner and a movie could become a walk on the beach or through an amusement park. You want to be ready to move comfortably so you can enjoy your time.

Dress For The Occasion

Only you can truly know the level of your formality for your first date. If it’s someone you’ve been talking to for a while and they want to go somewhere casual, then a nice pair of jeans and a nice top will do just fine. If it’s a blind date at a mid-high level restaurant, then you may want to dress up a bit more. This doesn’t mean you have to drag out your old prom dress. There is such a thing as overdressing! Instead, wear some nice slacks and a blouse, or a nice, comfortable dress.

Own What You Wear

No, we don’t mean make sure that you actually purchased what you’re wearing, although that’s always good advice too. What we mean is that you want to be confident in whatever first date fashion you choose, as that confidence will be projected to your new date. Own it. Take it a spin a few times while you’re out shopping if you’ve never worn it before. Feel how it moves and how sexy, pretty, or cute it makes you feel. Any boost to your confidence that a good outfit gives you is one that makes a great first date outfit. Your clothes should accentuate your identity, not be the keystone.

First date fashion isn’t something mysterious or even frightful. Although it can be daunting to find that “perfect” outfit, by keeping in mind that you want to be comfortable, appropriate for the occasion, and confident in what you wear, you will surely find the outfit that speaks to you. And if you don’t, take it as an opportunity to go shopping for some new looks. Maybe you just haven’t found the right one yet.

How To Buy The Leggings That Are Right For You

Having a lot of options can be a good thing, but it can also make purchasing the right leggings that much harder. Most people find that they want just about every pair of leggings out there, but that’s unrealistic. Instead of focusing on getting as many leggings as you can, purchase one or two that you will wear for a long time. There are a couple of tips and tricks you should keep in mind to ensure you’re buying the leggings that are right for you.

The first thing you need to decide is the type of leggings that you want. If you don’t have an idea yet, take a look at trendy photos and consider the different types there are. You can choose from:

-jeggings (leggings that look like fake denim)
-patterned leggings
-solid coloured leggings
-metallic leggings
-faux leather leggings

Leggings also come in different lengths which can make your decision a little bit harder. Consider how set you are on a certain length. The two most popular lengths found in stores are mid-calf length and ankle-length. Of course, the type of length you choose will depend on your height and whether or not you’re going to be wearing boots, sneakers or heels with your leggings.

The type of material leggings are made out of can affect the price. Take into consideration what shops you can afford to look at, and then work out a realistic budget for your potential purchases.

Now, the important thing to consider is whether or not you’re going to be making your purchase online or in-store. It is recommended that you purchase offline, as it is important to try on leggings for a perfect fit. In the off chance that you can only purchase leggings online, make sure you consider the store’s return policy in case the leggings don’t fit properly.

When you try on your leggings, make sure they fit properly. They shouldn’t be too tight in the waistband area, but they also shouldn’t slip down as you walk. Focus on the area behind your knees and if you see creases there, it is a sign that your leggings are too large.

Most people wear leggings on their own with a large sweater or long shirt, so make sure your leggings are not see-through. This is a common mistake many make, and it can make for an uncomfortable situation if you don’t wear shorts or a skirt.

How To Wear Fishnet Tights In A Classy Manner

Fishnet tights are truly not the easiest pair of tights to create a stylish look with. This is especially true if you want to come off as looking classy as opposed to suggestive. However, how you wear fishnet tights can determine how appropriate or inappropriate your look is. Below, you will find a few helpful suggestions to allow you to make the most of wearing fishnets in a classy manner.

The first thing you should consider is whether or not you actually like fishnet tights. There is little point in forcing yourself to wear this item unless you personally find it appealing.

If u do like fishnets, pay attention to the type of clothing you will wear. Wearing high heels and a mini skirt are the opposite of classy when it comes to playing with fishnet tights. Instead, opt for a knee-length skirt or one that may even be a tad longer. If you are looking to wear fishnet tights to the office, consider putting them under a pair of pants for just a slight hint of sexy.

Your clothing should be simple when you choose to wear fishnet tights. Avoid wearing clashing patterns or flashy jewelry, because these types of tights can be a statement piece on their own. When you choose to downplay the rest of your clothing, you are creating a classy look with your fishnets that is not only appropriate for the office, but won’t send the wrong message to other people.

You can also help downplay your look by choosing fishnets that are a mesh with smaller diamonds. It is just the right amount of sexy without becoming suggestive. Smaller meshed tights drop a hint of sophistication and style awareness.

Choose fishnet tights that are appropriately colored such as black, nude or gray. Neon colors are highly inappropriate for the office or looking like a sophisticated adult. The only time you should look for neon fishnets is if you’re going clubbing or to a rock concert.

As a last note of caution, fishnet tights are not always easy to downplay and if you don’t feel that your wardrobe is simple enough, skip these types of tights. They can send men the “wrong message” and they are truly not always appropriate in certain situations. For example, going to a board meeting may not be the most optimal time to make a fashion statement.

Celebrate The Season With The Perfect Christmas Jumper

Are you a holiday fanatic? If so, show your love for the season by sporting a fun and funky Christmas jumper. There is no better way to celebrate the season than by wearing an ornate jumper covered with elves, snowmen, Christmas presents, sleigh bells or even Santa himself.

There are a couple of different directions you can go with your holiday jumper. You can keep it classy by choosing a subtle design. This can be a good option for the office or anywhere else where you need to look professional and put together. Typically, jumpers that feature snowflakes, reindeer or subtle Christmas tree patterns are appropriate for these types of situations.

Next, you can kick it up a notch with a slightly more elaborate design for a holiday party or a family event. Look for jumpers that are slightly more gaudy if you really want to make an impact. For instance, you might opt for a top with bells sewn all over it that jingles every time you take a step. Alternatively, you could go for a bold reindeer or Santa Claus pattern that takes up the whole front of the jumper. Whichever you choose, be sure to look for bright colours to help yourself stand out from the crowd.

For colours out on the town or if you just like to have fun, you can take it to the next level by choosing a jumper that is completely over the top. One fun option you might want to try is a jumper that has Christmas lights built right into it. Typically these lights are battery operated so you can leave them lit the whole time you are wearing the jumper. Talk about lighting up a room when you walk in!

When it comes to extreme jumpers, the brighter the colors the better. Look for rich, saturated shades of red, blue and green to really stand out. Any graphics on the jumper should be big and bold so that they can be seen clearly from all the way across the room. You may even want to opt for a jumper that has embellishments such as garland, bells, tiny Christmas ornaments or puffy 3-D appliques sewn to its surface. The more elaborate the better!

To really take it to the next level, try holding an ugly Christmas jumper competition with your friends. Trying to outdo one another with over-the-top Christmas jumpers can be a fun and hilarious way to celebrate the season. Plan a night out on the town for drinks and agree to wear your jumpers. With everyone in your party dressed in outrageous holiday jumpers, you will be sure to bring Christmas cheer to everyone you meet.

As you can see, there is no better way to celebrate the season than with the perfect holiday jumper. Whether you want to keep it classy and subdued or take it to the next level with built-in lights and sewn-on trinkets, finding the perfect jumper can be a fun way to get in the holiday spirit.

Must Have Accessories For Every Girl

Winter is almost here, so every girl should check out her wardrobe to see if she has all the essential things for this season. Temperatures are going down, therefore clothes need to get thicker and warmer. Nobody goes shopping each time the season changes, we all have in our wardrobe a few basic items we can use for several years at least.


Every girl needs a good pair of boots, as they are the perfect accessory for many outfits. They can look very stylish with a dress, but skinny jeans or leggings can also be a good choice. Moreover, boots and denim skirts are good friends. A pair of boots will keep your feet warm and make you look stylish and cool.

Black dress

The black dress will save you in a lot of occasions when you won’t know what to wear. It is perfect for cocktail parties, evenings out with friends, theater, movie or a fancy romantic dinner. You can wear your black dress at a business meeting as well. By using different accessories, you can turn it into an outfit suitable for a wide array of events.

Black blazer

If you have a smart casual black blazer, you can match it with both business and casual outfits, so you are going to be safe for the cool nights of the fall. It works perfect for business presentations but also for casual meetings with your friends. You can pair it with a skirt or a dress. It can look great with a buttoned shirt underneath, but also with a casual top and a pair of jeans.

Purses and handbags

You need at least two or three handbags and purses. That’s because you cannot go to a cocktail party wearing an oversized bag. A clutch would be much more appropriate for such events. However, for going to the office or for meeting your friends for shopping, you may want a bit more room in your handbag, therefore a clutch won’t be a good fit. Moreover, if you go out during the day, when it’s warm outside, you may want to have a big handbag so that you can carry a warmer jacket for the evening.


Scarves are both stylish and useful. They can make awesome accessories for every outfit, allowing you to change your look by simply changing the scarf you wear or the way you are wearing it. You can make some really interesting combinations between your blazers and your scarves, so you should definitely add this item in your wardrobe in case you don’t have it yet. A scarf can protect you from cold in winter, but if you choose a lighter one, you can use it during the hot seasons to protect you against the sun.

If you don’t know how to combine all these accessories, the best you could do is to grab a few fashion magazines, browse them and learn from the pros how to create interesting ans stylish outfits that allow you to be in the center of attention and make people believe you are always very well dressed. It’s not very hard and not very expensive either. All you need is some basic gear to rely on.

How To Find The Most Appropriate Bridal Tights For Your Special Day

Getting married is a big step in any woman’s life, and wearing the right bridal tights is important. Of course, much like finding the right wedding dress, finding the perfect pair of bridal tights isn’t always easy. The first thing you should consider is not shopping online, but actually going to a physical store to ensure your bridal tights will be a perfect fit. Even though most online stores will offer returns, you still have to take shipping costs into consideration and you may not even have the time.

The first thing you need to consider is the type of bridal tights you want. Are you going for a sexy or a more conservative look? Solid colored white tights with a floral or intricate embroidery detail design is more for a conservative bride. If you’re looking to be a bit more sexy than conservative, go for lace tights or solid tights with lace inserts.

It is important that you get bridal tights that fit your body. When you first try on your tights, they may feel like the perfect fit, but keep in mind you will have to spend some time in them. When trying them on, walk around the fitting room, bend down and try sitting to ensure that the tights fit well.

You should watch out for any wrinkling or loose fabric behind your knees. Bridal tights that fit you well, will not do that. Also place a bit of focus on the waistband. It will always stretch, but regardless of how much it stretches, it can still become painful when it pushes into your stomach for hours on end.

Always look for quality bridal tights that can withstand wear. You will only need them for your special day, but it is important that the fabric doesn’t end up pulling, pilling or even developing a hole. Of course, the fabric quality and the cost will often determine the quality you should be expecting.

If you are tall or short, make sure you find bridal tights that are appropriate for your height. Most tights are sewn in a generic one-size fits most fashion, and it really isn’t for everyone.

Take your time before making a final selection. It is important that you don’t settle for uncomfortable or poor quality tights. After all, your wedding should be important and your clothes can help you feel at ease!